For Parents

If you are a parent of guardian of a pre-schooler in Bendigo who has been registered to receive books from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library this page is for you.

This area will grow as the programme grows.

Here you will be able to:

  • Check this month’s books
  • Update your details
  • Tell us your experiences
  • Ask questions
  • Find out about activities and events that compliment the books
  • Find resources and tips for reading with your child

If your child isn’t registered yet

Bendigo Chapter of Imagination Library

Researchers at La Trobe University are conducting a small project looking into the impacts in the Bendigo area of participation in the Imagination Library. Parents/carers of children participating in the Imagination Library are asked to respond to a survey administered by United Way on behalf of the Imagination Library, after they have been participating for some months. The La Trobe University research project has added on five (5) additional short questions to that survey, questions inquiring about the impacts (if any) on parents/carers of the Imagination Library.

Ahead of completing this survey, the La Trobe University research group wants to make sure that all potential participants understand the study and what its involvement might mean. Here you will find information about the study to read through so as to help your decision about whether or not you will consent to respond to our additional questions and participate in our study.

An information letter, explaining the details of the La Trobe University research study and providing the contact details of the Chief Investigator of this study, can be accessed by clicking on the following link INFORMATION SHEET, and a list of these additional survey questions can be accessed by clicking on the following link LTU SURVEY QUESTIONS.

2016 Reading List

United Way endeavours to deliver books as indicated below, however the timing or titles may be subject to change


For children born in:

2016 Where is the Green Sheep? – Mem Fox

2015 The Terrible Plop – Ursula Dubosarsky

2014 Who Sank the Boat? – Pamela Allen

2013 I’m Green and Grumpy – Alison Lester

2012 My Uncle’s Donkey – Tohby Riddle

2011 Koala Lou – Mem Fox


For children born in:

2016 Kissed By the Moon – Alison Lester

2015 Peppa Pig: George’s First Day At Playgroup (Ladybird)

2014 Chatterbox – Margaret Wild

2013 Rascal Takes Off – Paul Jennings and Bob Lea

2012 Stickybeak – Hazel Edwards and Rosemary Wilson

2011 A Nice Walk in the Jungle – Nan Bodsworth


For children born in:

2016 Bedtime Peekaboo! – Dawn Sirett

2015 Pull The Tab: Animals – Dorling Kindersley

2014 Peppa Pig: Biggest Muddy Puddle

2013 Big Red Hen and the Little Lost Egg – Margaret Wild and Terry Denton

2012 Belinda – Pamela Allen

2011 Tiddalick the Frog Who Caused a Flood – Robert Roennfeldt


For children born in:

2016 Snuggle and Cuddle: Bouncy Lamb

2015 Little Hide and Seek: Pets – Dorling Kindersley

2014 Me and You – Genevieve Cote

2013 Summery Saturday Morning – Margaret Mahy

2012 Sunday Chutney – Aaron Blabey

2011 The Worm Who Knew Karate – Jill Lever and Terry Denton


For children born in:

2016 Feel and Find Fun: Baby Animals – Dorling Kindersley

2015 Peppa Pig Nursery Rhymes and Songs w CD

2014 My Cat Likes to Hide In Boxes – Eve Sutton and Lynley Dodd

2013 A Particular Cow – Mem Fox and Terry Denton

2012 Our Island – The Children of Gununa, Alison Lester and Elizabeth Honey

2011 Jesse – Tim Winton and Maureen Prichard


For children born in:

2016 My First: Truck – Dorling Kindersley

2015 Two Little Monkeys – Mem Fox and Jill Barton

2014 Clippity-Clop – Pamela Allen

2013 Max – Marc Martin

2012 Night Noises – Mem Fox and Terry Denton

2011 Come Down, Cat! – Sonya Hartnett and Lucia Masciullo


For children born in:

2016 Sophie La Giraffe: Peekaboo! ABC – Dorling Kindersley

2015 Mr McGee – Pamela Allen

2014 There’s a hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake – Hazel Edwards

2013 Uno’s Garden Counting Book – Graeme Base

2012 You and Me, Murrawee – Kerri Hashmi and Felicity Marshall

2011 Stanley Paste – Aaron Blabey


For children born in:

2016 Ladybird Snuggle and Cuddle: Puppy Pals

2015 Little Bug Books: Birds Fly – Graeme Base

2014 Slinki Malinki, Early Bird – Lynley Dodd

2013 It’s Bedtime, William – Deborah Niland

2012 Animalia – Graeme Base

2011 Today We Have No Plans – Jane Godwin and Anna Walker


For children born in:

2016 Mrs Wishy Washy’s Farm

2015 A Giraffe in the Bath – Mem Fox, Kerry Argent and Olivia Rawson

2014 Double Trouble – Deborah Niland

2013 Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley – Aaron Blabey

2012 The Potato People – Pamela Allen

2011 The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek – Jenny Wagner and Ron Brooks


For children born in:

2016 My First: Words – Dorling Kindersley

2015 Doodledum Dancing – Meredith Costain and Pamela Allen

2014 Big Rain Coming – Katrina Germein

2013 Is your Grandmother a Goanna? – Pamela Allen

2012 Annie’s Chair – Deborah Niland

2011 How Big is too Small? – Jane Godwin and Andrew Joyner


For children born in:

2016 I’m a Hungry Dinosaur – Janeen Brian and Ann James

2015 My Sister and Me – Rachel Flynn and Craig Smith

2014 Duck Sock Hop – Jane Kohuth and Jane Porter

2013 Hunwick’s Egg – Mem Fox and Pamela Lofts

2012 Leo the Littlest Seahorse – Margaret Wild and Terry Denton

2011 John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat – Jenny Wagner and Ron Brooks


For children born in:

2016 Fancy That – Pamela Allen

2015 Sophie’s Big Bed – Tina Burke

2014 Tom Tom – Sullivan Rosemary

2013 Davy and the Duckling – Margaret Wild and Julie Vivas

2012 A Forest – Marc Martin

2011 Starting School – Jane Godwin and Anna Walker