Communities for Children Bendigo, facilitated by Anglicare Victoria,

are pleased to be partnering with the Bendigo Business Council-

Education City Committee on a number of language and literacy initatives.

Background: Education City

Education City, chaired by Maria Simpson was founded as a result of the Bendigo Business Council’s Big Ideas Forum in 2013.

The working group was charged with developing a strategy to position Bendigo as an Education City.

The group delivered a progress report to the Bendigo Business Council (BBC) in November 2015, sharing their vision for Bendigo as an Education City.

Education City: Vision statement

For Bendigo to be known as an Education City we aspire for and invest in excellent educational outcomes for all young people. To that end, the group has two major areas of focus:

  • Early Childhood Literacy and
  • Employability Skills

The Education City Bendigo Committee recommends that the most effective contribution BBC members can make toward achieving our vision is to contribute to our Decade of Investment in Early Childhood Literacy.

Education City have elected to support the vision of the Communities for Children: Early Years Literacy and Language Development strategy launched in 2015.

There are four initiatives we recommend BBC members support in particular:

  • Books for Babies
  • Imagination Library
  • Book Box Library
  • Let’s Read

You can join in to support a Decade of Investment today by donating below.

Donate or Invest

Books for Babies

To make a donation to Books for Babies, please contact the Bendigo Health Foundation on

1300 243 000

Book Box Libraries

Email to enquire about your business hosting or sponsoring a Book Box Library.