An initiative of Communities for Children Bendigo

Joining together for Bendigo children to support early language and literacy development

By the time a child reaches five years old almost 90% of their brain has developed. Help switch on lights in their brain by reading, singing, talking and playing together every day.

About Us

Communities for Children (C4C) Bendigo supports children (0-12 years) and their families through the provision of place-based, targeted and holistic programs. C4C Bendigo is a partnership between various organisations, agencies, communities and families. A broad range of local children and family focused services and agencies work alongside C4C Bendigo to develop and implement strategic initiatives to further C4C outcomes.

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Over 1800 books donated to newborns in Bendigo every year
261 children are enrolled in the Imagination Library Bendigo and 325 children have graduated
82 Book Box Libraries in the community